Services provided by B.E.A.R.

  • Service Area

Our service area covers a vast amount of upstate New York and portions of Northern Pennsylvania. Click the map to utilize our interactive service map (Flash required)


  • Repairs

    We offer repair service on most commercial beverage equipment. Many repairs can be completed on the first trip to your location because our service fleet is stocked with the most commonly replaced parts such as valves, switches, control board assemblies, heating elements, and motors to name a few. We have accounts with all major manufacturers and utilize OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts. This insures the part needed for your equipment will be exactly as it was, or an upgraded version of it. We can also set up a PM (Preventative Maintenance) program for your equipment based on your needs. Normally, a PM is performed annually or semi-annually to keep your machine running properly.

  • Installations

    Accommodating installation of your equipment is the first and most important need in order to have your equipment up and running quickly, smoothly, and correctly. We carry a vast assortment of water fittings and clamps. Our waterline choice is braided PVC hose to ensure that blow outs, leaks and breakage are not going to be a concern after your equipment is installed. We carry various electrical connectors, plug-ends, and cords to comply with electrical requirements in your area. Our vans are also stocked with optional filtration and softener systems to be installed on your equipment.

  • Customer Service

    Our office is staffed from 8:00am – 4:00 pm on weekdays. Upon submitting a call to us, we issue a work order to the appropriate Service Managers depending on where you are in our service territory. Our Service Managers will then call you to confirm your location and service issue. They will try their best to resolve your issue over the phone prior to sending a technician to your location in order to save you costs and down time. We try to accommodate service within 24 hours of your submission. If you need service during non-business hours, we have an emergency number you can find on our Contact Us page. You will generally be called back shortly after placing your call by one of our on call technicians or managers. Note: Cost of service during non business hours is at a higher rate.  Contact our office for additional information.