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B.E.A.R. Refurbishment


Here are 2 recent galleries of our refurbishment process.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia

Nuova Simonelli Athena Leva

We begin the process of refurbishing a machine by first declaring it is beyond the normal service repair protocol while at a customers location. Our technician will discuss the entire situation with the customer and call the Service Manager while on site to get confirmation that a piece of equipment needs to be removed back to our shop for refurbishment. The customer generally asks a few questions at this time:

Does it need to be done immediately?

How bad is it?

How long will I be without the machine?

How much will it cost?

As you can problably guess, these four questions can have multiple answers, but in general, the answers will be as follows:

Does it need to be done immediately? - In most cases, when our technicians make the professional decision to approach the customer with the need to refurbish, it is either because the machine is an electrical hazard, the machine is completely covered internally with lime-scale, or a leak is discovered and it can't be repaired normally and may pose a shock hazard. So in general, Yes, it needs to be done immediately.

How bad is it? - Our technicians are trained to bring you over to the piece of equipment and show you exactly what they've found. Whether it's just a minor issue, very bad, or hazardous, the customer can have their questions answered by seeing the situation in person.

How long will I be without the machine? - Generally, we would like to have the machine for a period of 3-5 business days depending on the type of equipment. We understand that this is a MAJOR inconvenience to our customer. But, in order to get the machine refurbished correctly, it takes time to break it down, descale, make repairs, re-assemble and test the equipment. Our testing process is generally 24 - 36 hours. The customer is advised throughout the entire process what is being done. If additional parts need to be ordered, it is at the descretion of the customer to authorize B.E.A.R. to do so. The shipping method of the parts will generally need to be Next Day Air in order to have the 3-5 day timeline succeed. The method of shipping will also authorized by the customer

How much will it cost? - The BIG question! Upon receiving the equipment at our shop, the very first step in the process is gaining an estimate for repairs. Our technicians thoroughly go through the machine and make a list of parts that will be needed, time to repair, and shipping costs. We call the customer within 24 hours of receiving their machine and give them the estimate. It is very difficult to give an estimate while onsite at the customer account. We never know what can be hidden and we would not want to steer our customers in the wrong direction. The original estimate may need to be adjusted if, after repairs are made and the machine becomes operational, another problem is found (most machines that come in for refurbishing are not in working order).

When parts are needed for your machine, we can assure you that every part we will use comes directly to us from the machines manufacturer. Using OEM parts is what we pride ourselves on. It provides a warranty situation if the new part is bad, and we know when we receive the part, it's going to fit and it will be the same, or even better than the part needing to be replaced.

Whether it's an espresso machine, coffee brewer, cold beverage, or any other equipment, our refurb process is thorough. When you receive your piece of equipment back to your account, we will advise you of what we found and also what you may need to do in order to have your piece of equipment run smoothly for years to come.

Warranty Information

Most manufactures offer a 1 year out of box warranty for new equipment. It is important to have the purchase information for your machine if you believe it will be under warranty. BEAR Services will work with the manufacturer to insure your warranty claim is processed correctly.

When ordering parts for a machine that is no longer in a warranty period, most manufactures will normally warranty a part for 30 days from purchase. All warranty claims on parts require us to send the part back to the manufacture. If the manufacture tests the part and finds the part to be good, or damaged due to neglect or misuse, there is normally a restocking fee and the warranty will be denied. BEAR Services is not responsible for warranty claims that fail to meet the obligation of the manufacture and warranty agreement.